Thursday, June 20, 2019

Justin Hines

Justin Hines, 33, is serving a sentence of 27-32 years at Five Points Correctional Facility in Romulus, NY. Justin will be eligible for parole in 2030. To read his story, please visit

Chemical Romance or Poetic Justice
By Justin Hines

My mind is trapped.
Disillusioned by the illusions, and the deluded fusion
Of hopelessness and faith,
My mind is trapped.
Trapped in a vortex due to a complex conquest of a people
Whose value is seen only by those outside of themselves,
And never within. Never within.
My mind is damaged.
Damaged from broken promises, like broken bottles
Slammed on the cracked concrete-and jabbed to
Pierce someone’s already broken heart,
My mind is damaged,
Perpetually interrupted in its quest for peace, by its
Inability to reach, with hands and feet, and speech,
Anything deep enough to allow me to sink,
My mind is trapped.
It is said that they can lock your body but can’t
Trap your mind. This is a lie, an untruth.
The manifested mind is a product of popular culture,
Colored by one’s own perception,
Like life is a catch 22.
Like holding on too tight makes it harder to let go…
And when it’s hard to let go you hold on too tight,
It’s a catch 22.
I had a dream once that I was dreaming of being
and awoke to that reality wishing I was still asleep,
My mind is trapped.
In a catch 22.
Hoping I can free it long enough to find some meaning.
Meaning that I’m searching…ever searching but I can’t seem to find the key.

By Justin Hines

In the end I guess it’s all about the fight, or
The price, cause not too many others will care
about your plight.
I love and I lose, mostly I lose what I love
This, my constant struggle in life.
Paradigms, Paradox, Peace, Politics and strife.
We search for knowledge to give meaning to what we
And use this knowledge as a compass to tell us where
we should go.
I once swam across the Atlantic on the strength of
being told,
That if I made it to the other side, I would find hope.
I learned to hide that pain in the waves’ ebb and flow,
And make my heart beat as strongly as the engine on a boat.
I made it to the shores of a land I never saw,
and was in Awe of all the gold that was displayed
along the coast.
I think I died 17 times, in my mind, in 17 seconds
But only hoped that I could make it back Home.
The lesson I learned is one of futility, conscious of
the contradiction,
disappointment wrapped around my soul.
There isn’t a person on any purchase unaffected by
it’s Karma,
I’m lost but strive to never let it show,
Who Am I?

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