Saturday, February 7, 2015

Poems about Money Part 2: Playlist for February 6, 2015


Money Is Also a Kind of Music

by Jason Guriel
The Wrecking Crew was just the cream of the "you pay — we'll play" LA session pool, that crack squad of 50 or 60 musicians...who played on Pet Sounds and Smile and probably half the records in your collection. They didn't just play the chops. They invented them. — Rob Chapman, MOJO
Money is also a kind of music.
I don't mean the slight sleigh bell
of a pocketed change purse
or an old-time till's single tap
of triangle, ringing
up sale, or even the percussion
of post-pillage coffers filling
up, plink by plink. I think
I mean that current
of classically trained breath
certain amounts of currency
can call forth
and blow through brass.
I mean the mean
current of electricity
Carol Kaye's bass drew
from Capitol Records in the sixties,
the timesheets that took their toll
and exchanged it for
four / four time
kept without fail by the brain
of drummer Hal Blaine,
worth its weight in scale.
REFLECTIVE MUSIC: God Only Knows by The Beach Boys

Money Won’t Change It (but time will take you on)

by Cornelius Eady      

You’re rich, lady, hissed the young woman at   
My mother as she bent in her garden.   
Look at what you’ve got, and it was   
Too much, the collards and tomatoes,   
A man, however lousy, taking care   
of the bills.

This was the reason for the early deaths   
My mother was to find from that point on,   
Turned dirt and the mock of roots,
Until finally, she gave her garden up.   
You can’t have nothing, she tells us,
Is the motto of our neighborhood,
These modest houses
That won’t give an inch.
REFLECTIVE MUSIC: Backlash Blues sung by Nina Simone

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