Saturday, September 22, 2012

Playlist for September 21, 2012

1. Is my soul asleep?
by Antonio Machado

 Is my soul asleep?

Have those beehives that work

in the night stopped? And the water-

wheel of thought, is it

going around now, cups

empty, carrying only shadows?


No, my soul is not asleep.

It is awake, wide awake.

It neither sleeps nor dreams, but watches,

its eyes wide open

far-off things, and listens

at the shores of the great silence.
REFLECTIVE MUSIC: Sonata #3 in C Major for unaccompanied violin by J.S. Bach

2. The Meeting Missed
by Rabindranath Tagore (From "Gitanjali")

If I am not to meet you again in this life then I want to feel that I have missed the meeting–

Don’t let me forget, let me feel the pain of it in my dreams and while awake.

As the time passes in the black dust of the body, and I get fat with money, I want to feel that I have gotten nothing out of it all –

Don’t let me forget, I want to feel the slivers of pain in my dreams and while awake.

When I walk up the steps, exhausted and tense after a long trip, or when I climb into some lonely bed, I want to feel that the long trip is still ahead of me –

Don’t let me forget, I want to feel the pain in my legs both while asleep and while awake.

When my house is all cleaned, and drinks are set here and there, and I hear people laughing, I want to feel that I haven’t invited you to my house –

Don’t let me forget, I want to feel the pain of that grief both while asleep and while awake.

 REFLECTIVE MUSIC: Fratres for Solo Violin, Strings and Percussion by Arvo Part
3. The Instruments
by Rumi
Who is the luckiest in this whole orchestra? The reed.
Its mouth touches your lips to learn music.
All reeds, sugarcane especially, think only
of this chance. They sway in the canebrakes,
free in the many ways they dance.

Without you the instruments would die.
One sits close beside you. Another takes a long kiss.
The tambourine begs, Touch my skin so I can be myself.
Let me feel you enter each limb bone by bone,
that what died last night can be whole today.

Why live some soberer way and feel you ebbing out?
I won't do it.
Either give me enough wine or leave me alone,
now that I know how it is
to be with you in a constant conversation.
REFLECTIVE MUSIC: Sonata for Oboe and Piano (3rd movement) by Francis Poulenc
(NOTE:movement 3 begins at 9:00 into the video)
4. The Holy Longing
by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Tell a wise person, or else keep silent,
Because the massman will mock it right away.
I praise what is truly alive,
What longs to be burned to death.
In the calm water of love nights,
Where you were begotten, where you have begotten,
A strange feeling comes over you
When you see the silent candle burning.
Now you are no longer caught
In the obsession with darkness,
And a desire for higher lovemaking
Sweeps you forward.
Distance does not make you falter
Now, arriving in magic, flying
And finally insane for the light,
You are the butterfly, and you are gone.
And so long as you haven't experienced this:
To die, and so to grow,
You are only a troubled guest
On the dark earth.
REFLECTIVE MUSIC: Geistliches Lied, Op. 30 by Johannes Brahms
5. Sssh the sea says
by Rolf Jacobsen
Sssh the small waves at the shore say, sssh
Not so violent, not
So haughty, not
So remarkable.
Sssh say the tips of the waves
Crowding around the headland’s
Surf. Sssh
They say to people
This is our earth,
Our eternity.
REFLECTIVE MUSIC: Une Barque sur l'Ocean by Maurice Ravel

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